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Whether you are newly married or been married for 50 years, you know that married life isn’t always ‘happily ever after’. Fortunately, the key to a happy marriage is simple. You just have to learn how to practice the the biblical advice to love your spouse as much as you love yourself. Unfortunately, it is not easy to put this advice into practice due to our selfish nature. If we’re honest, we much more often like to err by wading into love too far rather than waiting too long to take the next step. You will be hard-pressed, though, to find a couple regretting the boundaries they made in dating, while you will very easily find those that wish they would have made more. As followers of Christ, we really ought to be the most careful and vigilant.

VAV counselors work with individuals to understand what is happening in their relationship. VAV does not pressure anyone to end their relationship – we trust that you are the expert in your life. However, our staff believe that if there is a history of violence in a relationship, abuse is likely to continue in the future and may escalate. We are here to listen and discuss your options. All CMHC appointments are confidential and are not part of your academic record. To learn more about the CMHC confidentiality policy click here.

Sexy is far above of what we perceive it to be. Sexy isn’t just physical, it’s something in the soul. Sexy is a woman with strength, someone who can raise children, work and handle a man all at the same time. She will respect everyone because she knows she is above people that demean others to feel good about themselves. Sexy is murdering a man without killing him!

You can make a religion about anything. Heck, many even try to rationalize atheism into being one. So if you want to attribute aliens, Clarke’s third law, awe and wonder about the cosmos, and whatever else to the vague term of being spiritual”, or try to associate it with a religion, you’re free to do so. But you’re clearly grasping at straws, playing with semantics, and struggling desperately hard to rationalize reality and the things you enjoy into fitting in with your pre-decided ideas, agendas, and apparent intolerance of atheists. I could perhaps call gravity my god and the awe and wonder derived from space as being a spiritual experience” if I wanted to, but let’s get real: that would be nothing more than a poetical figure of speech, not a religion. Not to mention, the theists would misinterpret the bejesus out of it.

I’m afraid my wife is a sociopath. We’ve been married for almost a year now. I thought things were going great. I was deeply in love with her and truly couldn’t have been happier… But last night she told me that the part of her that I know and love is really a false mask that she has worn for years… A self-deception in order to function in society. She told me I have no idea who she really is. She told me that it was this false side of her that had fallen in love with me and the real side is probably not capable of love.Dating and Relationship

Another great book (for us women) is Warrior Goddess Training by Heatherash Amara. There’s a companion workbook for this as well. In this book she talks about clearing out old thoughts and ideas that no longer suit us and for us to become who we really want to be. For me this was one powerful book! It can be intense because we are looking at our past, but it really worked for me. Sorry guys, I tried to look up things for you, but if there is something out there for guys, please let me know and I’ll pass it along.