Why You SHOULD Take Back A Liar, Cheater, Or Jerk

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As some of you may have noticed, my posts over the last year have evolved from devotionals into articles about love, marriage, dating and relationships in general. This has always been a passion of mine and I am so thankful that I have been blessed with the incredibly opportunity to publish a book with Zondervan publishing company, writing about the things I love. You and your boyfriend are not in the same place. You are very focused on having a future with him and having a relationship. And he is not. He’s not at that place. He’s being authentic with you. He is focused on his work and doesn’t even know what his future is yet. He is not at all ready to have the relationship you want to have. He sounds like a good man who is taking alot of pushing and clinging from you. But you aren’t seeing the situation clearly. He just isn’t there, he isn’t ready.

I think the women and the men here are essentially saying the same things and we’re all coming from the same place-our trust has been broken and we don’t feel appreciated for who we are. I guess confused gender roles contribute to this, but I think its impact is overblown. To me, people are just more narcissistic, both men and women, now than they’ve ever been. Thus establishing and maintaining a long term relationship with a true give and take is more difficult, whether it be with a mate or just a friend. I think women and men are making the same convenient mistake-blaming the other side instead of honest self-reflection.Dating and Relationship

If someone is starting to touch, kiss and text a lot it’s a sign that the French person sees you as more than just a ‘date’ and considers it a ‘for sure thing’; as in they really want to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. A french person will not spend an enormous amount of money, shower you with attention and think it will go no where; also; while they are doing this- be aware they are not doing it to someone else.

Me and my boyfriend were high school sweet hearts. So we’ve done everything together from losing virginity, to our first prom together. But ever since we’ve went to college things have changed. He doesn’t give me the respect and love I deserve anymore. It just hurts so bad because at one point we use to be eachother’s everything. When you leave a relationship like that you honestly feel hopeless, like you just want to die. The sad thing is I really don’t any close friends. I don’t even know who I am anymore because I put him so ahead of myself so many times… What I need to do is find myself again, and make new friends. I will take these tips into consideration, thank you.

Also, I’ve never met someone who was comfortable with their significant other having things from their previous relationships. It’s unhealthy and stubborn. Why would you want to hold onto memories of a failed relationship? I mean, sure, there were good moments in the relationship, but the very fact that it ended means that those good memories were outweighed by the bad. Like in the movie 500 Days of Summer, if you just stop focusing on all the good times from the relationship, you’ll remember all the bad ones.

Most Nice Guys that are burned by women, often turn to the MGTOW and Redpill mindset. I have been listening to Tom Leykis and his Leykis 101 course on how to get laid for little money. Its not a PUA. Its just common time tested method that works. It doesn’t pay t be the nice guy. Most Nice Guys have gone out on dates only to hear the ladies complain about the last guys she went out with that treated her like crap. All of those aholes have one thing in common that Poindexter doesn’t. They have all seen her naked and not Poindexter. Nice guy has to evolve his game or sugar his own churro.