Why Women Are Frustrated And Confused About Men And Dating

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My relationship with a narcissist changed me for the better. I’ve come a long way in the two years since that relationship ended. My wish is to offer hope to others who are in a relationship, or trying to end a relationship with a narcissist. It is undoubtedly one of the hardest toxic bonds to break. However, it can be done, and I’m living proof. Ladies to make a great first impression, listen, don’t over talk, don’t judge where he knows it, be positive, smile a lot, don’t complain in his face unless he just straight up disrespected you, compliment little things you notice about him and no bragging all night!

He said he couldn’t stand not having the trust and that he just isn’t happy. Idk what to do. I have no family to go to and all my friends are mutual. I also still have to live with him till I save money for a new place. He’s out of town 4 days a week but the weekends when he is home is torture. He makes it seem like everything’s fine and I’m so confused. I just wish I knew what to do.

Do his muscles, charm and smile blind you to some of the red flags mentioned here or perhaps other red flags that you have heard of in the past? Does he make you feel overly insecure because you feel he is just too good looking to be with you? Does anything about that first date make you experience negative, familiar feelings from the past where you were in a space that was not good for you? If so, these are important warning signs.

A strong level of trust is the building block of every relationship, it’s one of the major pillars on which a relationship stands on. Build as much trust as possible between the two of you. Be completely open about your past, expose your weird sides to them and don’t hesitate to admit to any wrongdoing. A strong level of trust is what takes two people from just a couple” to a healthy couple”.

I wonder when God will give this man his share…..he has not given me mine…all was under his name…very controlling…I was soooo stupid…..my family tell me to just let it go…..at 45 with a 8 yr old son…starting off with 0 while he is living the great life truly thrrows me on my knees….he keeps telling me he will give me my share but in my heart i know he won´t but I frozen just cannot seem to move on.

If you’re not interested in talking anymore, politely find an excuse to head off into the sunset. If you are interested, give them a way to get in touch with you – like your phone number or Facebook name. This is (hopefully) just your first convo of many, so save some of that charm for the next time.Dating and Relationship