Wasting Time In Relationships That Lead Nowhere

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Note: Though this article is directed towards Muslims, it applies to everyone in the realm of dating, those looking for love and coming up unsatisfied etc. I hope that those of us who recognize this trend take it upon ourselves to be laser focused about raising up our male children to be something different. I heard someone say once that being a male isn’t the same thing as being a man. This world needs more of the second one.

I don’t have kids, so I may not be the best person to give advice on this. I can tell you that Narcissist thrive on negative emotions and getting a rise out of people – so it is a good idea to keep a lid on your emotions when dealing directly with the Narcissist, remaining very calm doesn’t give them any ammunition. Staying calm also models for your children how to deal with their Narcissist parent. Seek out a support group like CoDependent’s Anonymous. A lot of people with kids go to those groups, so you might be able to develop a network of friends who can guide you. Good luck!

Our relationship is mostly based on trust, communication, and personality. I’ve only seen him around 10 times over this year, and yes it can be hard, and yes I miss him sometimes… but I believe it’s beyond worth the small wait when you meet someone so special. That one or two years waiting isn’t anything compared to the life you could spend with each other later once you officially got together. I plan on moving up there after school to attend a community college while he joins the Air Force.

Hello Smiling Dave…..Romance is not an obligation, as in feeling the pressure to buy expensive roses on Valentine’s Day. Rather, romance is doing nice things for someone you love simply because you care enough to take the time. For example, if your girlfriend or wife isn’t feeling well due to minor cold symptoms, but decides to go to work anyway, a romantic gesture would be to stop by Whole Foods to pick up some fresh chicken soup and to deliver it to her office in person in time for lunch. That is romantic. It’s also a good way to make her colleagues jealous. Lol.

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In order to figure it out, sit down and actually discuss where you want things to go. Be realistic with your time-frame, and be sensitive to what your partner’s life is already like. While you may think it is easy for them to pack up and move, they could be leaving behind friends, family, and career that have taken years to build. If you cannot eventually agree, then it may be time to move on or find an alternate plan.