Unequally Yoked?

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iTunes is the world’s easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. I loved the article and thought you hit all of the important points. Yes, there are generalizations but in an article like this I would expect that. At least he put something out there for gay men and first dates and not the usual crap we see around the Internet.

Christians are not meant to live solitary lives; you need to find support from outside sources such as the church and Bible study groups. Maybe a Pinky Promise Group? Be sure to join here: There may be a group in your area! Being married to an unbeliever does not alter the sacredness of the relationship, so it should be the priority of every Christian to pray for his or her spouse and set a good example, allowing Christ’s light to shine brightly (Philippians 2:14). May the truth found in 1 Peter 3:1—that an unbelieving spouse is won over”—be the hope and goal of every Christian who is married to an unbeliever.

I knew he was a every outgoing guy, life of the party and all that, but it’s just when we go out together to a party he is so afraid of looking like one of those couples who sits in the corner all loved up and don’t talk to anyone that he acts as if I’m not even there most of the time and i have to pretend that that doesn’t hurt me (not a good combination with alcohol haha) I have told him about this and said i feel like he is ashamed of me and he assures me that’s not the case ‘he just doesn’t know how to act’ But its been 8 months.

The constant email and Facebook reminders that she really believed her aberrant behavior was out of character, and that she really believed herself to be a kind, caring soul became tiresome after awhile. I was listening to the same prepared speech over and over.

If I want him to treat me like a lady I have to tell him what to do every step of the way.” My take: Make sure you are taking good care of yourself. Dress your best , be your best, and say No to any behavior you don’t like. Men will make the effort to figure out what you want if they like you enough to do so. Whatever you do, don’t micromanage your date. Just move on if he has decided you aren’t worth investing in.Dating and Relationship

During a debate between atheist Dr. Paul Blaylock (Ed Harris) and pastor Dan Day (Pierce Brosnan), Day singles out ex-deadhead Carl (Greg Kinnear) as an example of a convert who left sin behind and accepted God’s grace. When the trio gathers later in his office, Pastor Dan accidentally shoots the atheist with an antique gun and covers up the mess to make it look like a suicide. Then Carl (the scared, confused, suddenly disillusioned innocent bystander) becomes drawn into a criminal web as he tries to set things right. But in the process, he must elude murder attempts, kidnapping, blackmail, and temptation of all sorts.