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Why You Should Have a Wedding Sand Ceremony Metaphors and symbols can effectively dramatize a ceremony. Imagery is a tradition that can be initialed through a wedding where guests are involved and memorable events are captured. Through imagery excellent photos are made. To commemorate a marriage some vows have to be made by a couple during the wedding. The is beckoned to approach the unity sand. A couple is declared one as the purpose of the unity sand and this is a worth getting familiarized to. It is reminded to them that it is their decision to be one. The sand vials are a representation of the different lives they have been living. They are reminded of the meaning of the sand being the previous experiences and experiences they will have from there on in their lives together. The sand is blown as they both know. The putting together of the sand vials is an indication that through this unity sand they become one. When this is done it is a symbol showing them how their marriage will be. The couple is sent back to the standing area that they were at before being called the unity sand table. There are several imageries that a couple can select from. During the sand ceremony popular imageries are what is used which are letter box, wine box, a unity candle. There are imageries such as dove release, champagne sharing, the blessing tree, flower presentation to female celebrities, and sometimes the vows that parents make to their children among others. More imageries are hand fasting, stone blessing, knot tying, presenting gifts to kids.
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The ceremonies where imageries are not being used is short and it shows interests for those using imagery and those without. The involvement of guests and capturing their attention is achieved using imageries.
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There are invitations that are sent out to people that a couple would like to be part of this unity sand. By example is that mothers are invited to light their child’s candle in this case either the bride or groom before they both light the unity candle themselves. The role of the family members is to put couples letter box. The bride’s father presents the Bell of Truce to the couple. If the couple had kids from other relationships, these kids are called to light a candle or pour sand. Other couples create an imagery piece of their choice or something else. One great example is the unity painting. Finally we all know that weddings are joyous and very promising to the couple that is looking to lead their life together. The future in a couple’s marriage could be a main purpose why they decide to incorporate traditional rituals.