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Best Ways to Save a Marriage Thinking that your marriage will break at any time is very hard, having worked for it for many years. Most of the times when things start getting questioning in our marriages, we turn to our friends and relatives to seek help. A professor in marriage counseling, Mort Fetel, argues that the chances of getting any marital help from your family and friends are are meager. Follow me as we discuss some of the ways that can help you save your failing marriage. Identify the point when things started going wrong. If we look at this, when two people are living together vas husband and wife, without either of them realizing it, very many things might go wrong, contributing to an extensive damage to the marriage. On Infidelity. Infidelity is the biggest killer of marriages, and when either a husband or the wife is cheating, the trust that exists between them will as well die and destroy the fire that was burning in their marriages. The partner who is being cheated on, on knowing this, the feeling is so devastating, and it might even kill their self-esteem. At this point, if the couple doesn’t come together and talk about it, their marriage will be destroyed beyond repair.
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It is good for a couple to sit down and open up to each other and know what is lacking in their marriage, which is making the other person to be unfaithful. To get all the truth and the facts you need to solve this problem, try to give each other time to talk and listen to each other. As a team you will be able to find a solution that will work out for you both and which will make sure that you forgive each other and that the problem does not arise again in future.
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On Money issue. In a union of two people where your actions will be accounted for, the issue of finances can most likely be very tricky and should be tackled with a lot of transparency. whether good or bad, let your partner know about your financial status. Sometimes we expect a lot from our partners who sometimes are not able to deliver. If the issue of finances is making your relationship stagger for whatever reason, then as a couple I would advise you to be very accountable and be very transparent. Work together and assist each other in matters of planning and implementing projects that involve finances in your marriage. Call for Action. Work together as a husband and wife to build your marriage which it is in a partnership that needs both parties to work in one.