Dear Bro Jo

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People in long distance relationships are like the kid in your class who does the extra hard math problems at the end of each section just for fun. Or the person who wakes up at 4AM to run 16 miles every day, up a mountain in the rain. They’re doing what most of us do, except they’re making it a thousand times harder than it needs to be. Relationships are often confusing, brain-hurting messes of enigmas, even without 5000 miles in between you and your significant other. Add distance in and hoo boy, are you in for a bumpy ride. Personally speaking, I don’t know how to pretend not to like a person when I really do. I also don’t know how to fake it when I don’t like a person. I’m like that real, honest and open. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is the greatest priority in your life and not Jesus, you have made your relationship an idol.

Thirty-three percent of online daters form a relationship, 33% do not, and 33% give up. M read this letter and said that I should explain what a mono/poly relationship should be about. I agree. So that’s what my next blog will be about. Jordan Harbinger Co-Founder of The Art of Charm talks about how to break down your ego (or lack of) and build up your confidence to meet women the RIGHT way.Dating and Relationship

On internet dating sites, men who reported incomes higher than $250,000 received 156% more email than those with $50,000. I know for myself, when I find myself obsessing over a narc, it’s usually because something is missing in my own life – and that’s what I need to work on.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to go out bar-hopping or setting the town on fire. It could be simple drinks, eating out, hiking, or coffee meet-ups. After he straightened out my priorities on the phone-and the first time we talked, we were both so nervous that my voice shook and he sounded like the Grim Reaper-we agreed to meet at Starbucks the next day.

I had no idea that this many options were even available. Wow! But then again, maybe they aren’t and this piece was written with irony. Either way, wow! In an argument with your partner, when your heart rate goes over 100 beats per minute, you are incapable of hearing what your partner is trying to tell you.

I’M JUST SAYIN thrives and focuses on what a panel of guests and audience members are concerned about in today’s dating and relationship environment. I’M JUST SAYIN! Unless you hate exercise and never engaged in it, one should always keep themselves feeling fit and energized, regardless of the temptation to just Netflix and chill with your new love all weekend with a big bag of chips and dip.