Dating And Relationship Precedent

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Relationships in general can often be hard to maintain over time without the right combination of quality time, patience, communication, and affection. Once you group that with a long distance between each person, trying to maintain the relationship can sometimes turn into a chore. With the rise in internet dating and people separated due to military duty, there are more and more people trying to build a relationship despite the distance between them. God has been nudging me in this direction for quite sometime now regarding the things I write about, and it’s time I make the full plunge. I appreciate how far you have come with through this humble little blog, and I have been so encouraged by your emails, messages, and questions that you have sent my way. Thank you for keeping me going!

My ex had been on his own since he was thirteen, without proper parental guidance or education. He was very guarded, had explosive emotional tendencies, but at the same time he craved love and understanding; he may have been naïve, but he also had a big heart.

Here is the rub, when a woman is being chased it can end with either a stable and fulfilling relationship, or it can end with a guy getting what he was after and the woman feeling used and not getting what she needed from the encounter. A win and a loss.Dating and Relationship

I thought I was going to seek out an astral lover because human lovers were too hard, but they seem just as complicated as human. I am still a bit intimidated by the astral plane as well. I have enjoyed my time here a lot though, and really appreciate your hard work on putting this together. Blessed.

We are in an age where computers, mobile phones and communication apps can be easily accessed. Almost gone are the days when you send love letters through the post office or use an analogue phone to talk to another person hundreds of miles away. All this technology in your fingertips makes you very fortunate. In reality though, the same technology, together with the high-demand, results-driven environment, could also require more of your time. There will be instances that you will not be able to keep up and balance love, career, family, personal goals and so on hence, eventually, the unsent replies, missed calls and failed dates.

The person I feel really bad for his the daughter we share together she has been through hell with her father, she isn’t allowed to say how she feels about things, because he tells her he doesn’t care, and that whatever he wants to do is how its going to be, because its his time with her, so whether she likes it or not that’s how its going to be.