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Knowing how to deal with narcissistic people can be very difficult because their behaviors are often camouflaged very successfully as they pursue their obsessive interest in themselves, often by means of deception, pretense and emotional abuse. I have an excellent career, I own a home and I have financial freedom, yet this cannot attract a woman. I have come to the conclusion that I am hideous looking to women (well, I was told I was ugly all throughout school). I have tried changing my fashion and nothing works.

Now you don’t have to do the compersion dance if you don’t like the person that your partner is with. That’s ok too! Just because the word compersion is out in the world doesn’t mean that we mono/open people have to embrace it fully. The poly world would like everyone to fully understand and do the complete compersion dance. I say do the compersion dance at your own pace.

I agree so far as to say that settling down and starting a family with each other requires living together, but up until that point, LDR can totally work. It’s just like any other relationship – every single one has difficulties and obstacles that need to be overcome, it is just a case of figuring out a compromise.

If you are a truck driver’s wife or girlfriend, then remember that you should not put yourself in the position to expect your loved one to call you every time when he takes a brake. That can definitely ruin your good communication. So, loose every kind of expectation and enjoy the flow of your relationship.

I don’t want to give you any false hope, but my current girlfriend and I went through a stressful time in our relationship where we eventually broke up. However, after about 2 weeks (during which we still talked to each other briefly through texts) we decided that the break up was stupid, that we were just stressed about other things (i.e. job, money, school, etc.) so we got back together. It has now been a year since that time and we are still together and happier than we have ever been.

Could not agree more. I’m not anti-man… I just realize at my age that there are probably no men out there that can give me what I want, or that I will give them what they want. I have a great job, great friends, close family members, and have arranged my life in a way that makes me happy and I think I provide other people with happiness, as well. After much reflection, I realize that when in relationships, I bury my own needs/desires and then become resentful when my partner does not respect them. So, best thing for me is to be true to myself and embrace life. There IS a life without a spouse/significant other!Dating and Relationship