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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to make this month’s theme: ‘Dating, relationships, and hearing loss’. To invite someone on a date, go to a restaurant, club or bar and click the pink heart icon with the plus sign, then choose the person with highest letter. It’s time to trust your gut, and trust your heart, but most importantly….trust your God. Time heals all wounds. I honestly think all you need is some time. While you wait, focus on yourself. Make your own life better. Hang out with friends, travel, pick up a hobby, etc. Just get to know yourself better.

These are just some simple but fundamental examples. Examples that explore in much more depth in a course I recently put together. One location to always know is that of your manager and publicist, who work out of the CMT Management & Publicity building in Hollywood.

All I can say is that I am glad to have been born in the ’40s and not in the 2000s. It’s probably best for all concerned to NEVER stop living your life (the way you want) even in the early stages. The hardest scenario is … Read more

How To Have A Godly Dating Relationship

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From navigating relationship trouble to helping your love life go the distance, we’ve got all the dating advice you’ll ever need from your first date to something more. An abusive relationship destroys you; your heart feels as if it were the remains of a war. A person is very vulnerable when they come out of such a relationship. They have been hurt way too many times to be able to put themselves back together again on their own. You will need help from people who love you and care for you. You will have to learn to trust and open up to people, all over again, just as you did when you were a toddler.

Second, is for you to explain/discuss with us what your version of poly is. Polyamory is different for lots of people. Some polys may want to date other people while other polys may want more than one committed relationship. By having this discussion with us (1) we can understand what your version of poly is compared to others and (2) where we stand in the complete picture of things. We’re not asking for a 5 year plan here. We’re just trying to see where we … Read more

Relationship Blog

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As some of you may have noticed, my posts over the last year have evolved from devotionals into articles about love, marriage, dating and relationships in general. This has always been a passion of mine and I am so thankful that I have been blessed with the incredibly opportunity to publish a book with Zondervan publishing company, writing about the things I love. about a month ago I had plans for a dinner date with another couple where I live. he was going to meet my friends! & he asked about it a few days before to confirm. Then the day before he went to doctor for a wrist injury (from a few months ago) & got painkillers & ended up sleeping most of date night away. He didnt contact me till 7pm that night & then was so out of it he didnt mention anything about the date!

Like all other couples, you and your girlfriend are bound to have your fair share of fights and arguments. But you will have to be extra cautious while handling petty little relationship arguments because your words could shatter your girlfriend’s already low confidence.

Strong couples accept each other just the way … Read more

Are You In The Right Or Wrong Relationship?

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Simone has been dating Jake for several months. Every time they get together it’s wonderful – he’s sensitive and open, the sex is great. But then he’s gone – no contact for a couple of weeks, then he’s back, two dates nights in the same week, then back a week later, then nothing for 3 weeks. Simone feels like she is on a rollercoaster. She obsesses about him when he’s gone, but is afraid that if she pushes for any regularity or, God forbid, commitment he’ll bolt. But because marriage involves not just a person, but two, the differences in perspective and personalities would eventually set in and influence the flow of the relationship. This article is one of the best and most important ones in here. I totally agree with every word in it.

Dating Expert Damona Hoffman answers dating questions from fans of her show #BlackLove on FYI network, Facebook, Twitter and Dates & Mates listeners. What am trying to say is your love ones should never be excluded on your Christmas budgets. If you’re the king Solomon of our time remember the rules, you must give and it must not be too expensive.

It’s not healthy. You … Read more

The Risks Of Dating A Separated Man

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Many men and women believe that a non-committal, permanently casual situation is simply the modern version of a relationship — as if this is what passes for courtship in 2017. I’ve written about situationships before, using the term entanglement to describe a relationship that goes around and around in circles — for months or even years — but never leads to lasting commitment. That’s the kind of go-nowhere romance we’re talking about in this post. Men don’t fall in love with your crazy stories, your sense of humor, or your many accomplishments. They fall in love with your essence —who you are underneath all that superficial stuff. So never feel that you need to bombard a man with tons of information about yourself in that first date. Truthfully, the less you say, the more he can soak up your essence. He will learn all about you and appreciate all those accomplishments later. For now, your attitude should be Let the best man win.” Get your zen on and just go with the flow.

Have you been hurt in your past relationships? Are you hiding out for fear of getting hurt again? Have you put up a wall between you and … Read more

The Dating And Relationship Show

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to make this month’s theme: ‘Dating, relationships, and hearing loss’. Reading the Word of God daily, learning it and memorising scriptures will help in understanding how to relate to others from a Christian or Biblical perspective. It will help you to understand yourself and others and give a guideline on the way in which relationships should be conducted.

Kira Lynne was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia as well as a Professional Counsellor Diploma from Rhodes Wellness College. Kira worked in law for many years before changing tracks to become a Life Coach, Professional Counsellor, and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She has lived with chronic pain and illness for over 20 years, and it was her journey to find answers that led to this book. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Both partners make it a point not to force his or her beliefs and values onto the other, no matter the upbringing and culture. Instead there is acceptance and understanding of each other’s cultural practices and eccentricities. This also gives room to both people to be who … Read more

Dating And Relationship Precedent

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A new relationship brings with it the feelings of perpetual elation and euphoria which just does not seem to die out. As much as you may believe that the love is going to last a lifetime, more often than not your feelings for your loved ones do change over the course of time. This of course brings with it its share of stress and relationship problems. Although all relationships do have their fair share of problems, there are certain signs and behavior that cannot be tolerated, condoned or ignored if the relationship is to thrive. So how do you understand the fact that the relationship has run its course? Well, regardless of whether you are dating for a month or living together for years, there are some tell tale signs which tell you when to end a relationship. Your ex may have abused you. If that’s the case, a family court judge will have to make the decision on whether or not that person should have a role in custody or visitation. Respect the judge’s decision, and abide by it. If you can’t prove (and I mean PROVE) that the other parent is dangerous to the children, you may not … Read more

Bible Verses For A Happy Marriage

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Now that I am engaged, I still feel like I have a lot to say to you gals that are just dating. Because I have been in some really unhealthy, not pleasing to God relationships, and then I’ve done it the right way (or at least made a real effort!) and I would’ve loved to have more resources about dating in a Godly way while I was a dating gal. Whatever you do, don’t buy into the idea that romance is dead and hook-up culture has replaced courtship. Just because singles now connect through apps like Hinge and Tinder doesn’t mean that our fundamental needs and desires have changed. Remember when guys used to honk their car horns at cute girls, an earlier form of swiping right? All that hope and excitement is still there. But now you are old enough to really savor it, taking it slow with someone who appreciates the chance to start something real — with you.

We are all worthy of relationships that enrich our lives, not wear us down. It sounds like you’ve been through hell. Good for you for realizing that its him, not you. Nothing will make him happy in the long … Read more

Are You Teaching Him How To Treat You?

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So you’ve decided to take an astral lover if you ended up here. Your lover could be anyone or anything from an elf to a ghost to a Deity. But before you begin please read the ‘Why do I want this?’ section. I have been an Orthodox Christian my whole life. I love the Lord and serve the church he has revealed Himself to me in. I’m 30 now, not married, gainfully employed with a career and a home and settled in a place where I believe God has called me to serve. I am aware that to continue my transformation into the likeness of Christ I must become part of a community where I am practicing sacrificial love and denying myself. The path I see is in marriage and children.

In almost 15 years of coaching women, I have seen that the experience of falling in love with a married man cuts across almost all cultures, age groups, ethnicity, religions, and education levels. Despite the knowledge that this scenario is unethical, immoral, and guaranteed to bring pain to everyone involved, many otherwise smart, single women get their hearts tangled up this way.

I will have to agree with you … Read more