Bible Verses For A Happy Marriage

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My relationship with a narcissist changed me for the better. I’ve come a long way in the two years since that relationship ended. My wish is to offer hope to others who are in a relationship, or trying to end a relationship with a narcissist. It is undoubtedly one of the hardest toxic bonds to break. However, it can be done, and I’m living proof. I can imagine that you might want society to exist or thrive, but you have to understand that society was never kind to men. We are viewed as disposable when we turn 18 years old. As such, many men have chosen to simply abandon both concepts of gatherers and hunters. It’s just a matter of time before men start neglecting sex completely. If you do not believe me, just look at the Japanese economy. Men are going leaving society in masses.

This devotional was very much close to home for me. I just said a prayer in chuch yesterday for God to show me how to better prioritize my relationships. God blessed me with a great position about a year ago, after I had prayed for it for so long, but I let it take major time away from my family and my time with God. It wasn’t until my 6 yr old son told me Saturday that he liked it better when we didn’t have enough money because Mommy was fun then. It broke my heart and I was truly devastated. What made it worst was the reaction from my husband. I wasn’t so sure that he disagreed with our son. It is now my heart’s vow to allow God to lead me in redeveloping those relationships with God, my family, and my friends. This devotional was a great help! THANK YOU!!!

Most people believe that love can conquer all, and that the only thing you need in order to make your relationship successful is just pure and honest love. I would beg to differ! After 21 years of living and two long relationships, one thing I’m completely sure of is the fact that trust is the most essential component of a successful relationship. In its absence, you can end up feeling constantly worried and hurt.

Pardon me for saying this but the above article if i may call it an article is a loosely written piece with absolutely no reference to what experience these alcoholic ramblings of the author originate from. I have never read a more one sided argument in any subject whatsoever. And to go to the extent of saying that cheating is understandable? It is ABSOLUTELY NOT..So am i to believe that you are ok with your boyfriend sleeping with another woman or your girlfriend sleeping around with other guys while on a business trip or out of town simply because he/ she is lonely and depressed?. Cheating represents the betrayal of emotions and can be as simple as an ”innocent lie” said to ”protect” the other or can go as far as sleeping with another are incredibly wrong and exceedingly stupid. I hope this isn’t the way you really feel about LDRs and i REALLY hope you just posted this piece as a dare from your friends to write something funny.

Many people use love as a weapon without realizing it and at some time or another this can ruin a relationship. For example I have heard a girl say to a guy you will do it because you love me” There are many others ways that love can be used as leverage in a relationship even between a parent and children, to get either what the child or parents wants.Dating and Relationship

Step 3: Another thing to be conscious of is becoming too attached or clingy to your boyfriend. He needs his space sometimes and so do you. He may want to go out with just his friends or do something on his own. This is when you go do your own thing with your girlfriends or have some fun. You don’t have to be with him every waking hour of the day. If you know he is coming back home to you then you shouldn’t stress and try to cling to him. You shouldn’t want to be in every minute of his world but you should just want to be the best part of his world.