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How to Find a Good Bookshelf Speaker for Your Needs If you are now able to buy your own bookshelf speakers, it will be to your advantage to learn the basic fundamentals first. You should be able to determine the system that is right for you. The reason for learning the fundamental first is so that you will not be misled as to what the right speaker you need to fulfill your requirements of listening. When advertisers print their ads, they have certain people in their minds who would have need of the product they are selling which, might not be the one that you really desire and need. And if you ask a friend to guide you in buying the best audio system, he might be thinking of what he wants and what he needs instead of fulfilling your requirements. This scenario reminds me of a certain person who has bragged about being able to reach a certain destination simply because he has a map and a compass. Whatever you are boasting about, you will never reach your destination unless you also know where you are on the map before you can start going to the right direction. It is also important to define terms so that when we speak of bookshelf speakers, we are talking about the same thing. This is another similar analogy of the map and the compass that that we can glean upon.
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First and foremost, what is a bookshelf speaker? Speaker systems come in different sizes so it is important to define what a bookshelf speaker is. A bookshelf speaker; hence the name, are those small audio systems that can easily fit on bookshelves, tables tops, desktops or any other small spaces in your home or office. If you have bookshelf speakers, they usually come as a pair with no mounts like other speakers that need floor standing mounts which require extra space.
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If you are still trying to figure out what speaker system to buy, you can use three units of measurement that need to be considered. You need to consider the wattage which delivers electrical power that converts energy to sound. The bigger the wattage the more it can feed the sound energy. This is similar to a car with a higher horsepower. When you need them, they can deliver exceptional power. You also have the hertz or the frequency of the sound waves in delivering the sound. This is what is commonly called as the pitch or the articulation of the sound. If you want clearer sound then you should have a smaller frequency. Lastly, we have the decibel which is another unit of measurement which refers to the sounds loudness.