9 Lessons Learned: Languages

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Understanding English and Russian Language. The Russian people communicate to each using their Russian language. Most countries that led to the formation of the Soviet Union communicate in Russian. It is also one of the most commonly spoken in the world today. Another amazing fact about this language is that it is part of the great Indo-European family. English is the official and native language of the people of England. English is the most widely spread language among foreigners. English belong to the same family as Russian. Many forms of the English language are emerging. This has brought about the slight differences between British and American English. Most countries around the world use English as their second language. This is usually important for proper communications with people of the other parts of the world. This forces the residents of such countries to acknowledge the English language. English in other words simply becomes the alternative way of communication. People from such places and others in general need to enroll for English classes to sharpen their communication skills using the language. One obvious reason is enhancing pronunciation skills, therefore, attaining the right accent for the language. The knowledge of commonly used phrase is important in the attempts of learning English. Two people may face a misunderstanding as a result of a misunderstood phrase. These phrases and commonly used sayings can only be learned effectively in class. This will ensure free flow communication with a native. It is only in these lessons that one can learn the culture of the English people. Engaging someone you are familiar with their background is an easy task. There are many reputable institutions that teach the English language.
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As agreed above, Russian is spoken by very many people. Learning of Russian is important because clearly, numbers do not lie. Many other things come into play. The economy of the Russian people is very stable with significant growth. Significance of this is the creation of employment opportunities.Good economies translates to job vacancies. Knowing their language is a boost to your resume and puts you at the frontline of massive job opportunities in Russia and the affiliate countries. This language is also full of amazing idioms and phrases portraying their culture.
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Personal reasons can be the trigger for someone to consider learning a foreign language. This trigger can be due to the excessive love a person has for a given country. New ideas are acquired as a result of going to the depths of learning of a language like Russian. Others just learn other languages like Russian just because they want to or because of relationship issues. The world’s levels of professionalism bar is getting higher and higher. The simple things like learning of a foreign language that people take for granted are the same ones that will haunt them back. These little things in a candidate’s C.V may just be the right pathway to an employment opportunity.