25 Rituals That Will Make Your Relationship Last Forever

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I am in what people would call a mono/poly relationship. I am monogamous and my partner, M, is polyamorous. With respect to others, from what I have seen all the stuff that is out on mono/poly relationships is that they are written by poly people. I would like to blog about what works for us and hopefully will work for you too. It’s so sad to see women settling for less over and over again. The truth is that there are really good men out there. But sometimes they’re harder to find because you’re just not looking in the right places. If you’re already in a deeply committed relationship, then you and your mate know best what that perfect present looks like — whether it’s a special experience, a we” gift, or simply the celebration of another year together as a family.

Congratulations on finding something that worked for you. It sounds like a good book. I had an interesting few months with someone who couldnt see anything from anothers point of view – a truly bizarre experience. I liked the focus of your lens. Great issue presented in the lens in a nice way.

Host, Damona Hoffman, is back to answer questions for singles and couples just in time for Valentine’s Day! I’m in a LDR as my boyfriend lives in London and I’m at University in Cornwall, but we have made it work for over 2 years now and have never been happier!

To old-time readers: I have somehow misplaced half the lens. The older lens would not update, hence this new one. Just sit tight and I’ll see what I can do. All photos and written material are my original work, so paws off. I wish that I no longer think of him the way do.I make some progress then all over a sudden i think about him a lot.

If you purchase my book now and are not satisfied, contact me during the next 30 days and tell me. I’ll gladly and promptly refund your purchase. No questions asked. I don’t know but in our culture couples find it embarrassing, awkward and weird to have a bath or shower together. I personally find it beautiful.

Advertising helps us give you all the fitness, health, and weight-loss intel you love—and more. Being in a relationship often means becoming monogamous or exclusive with each other. Thank you for this article! My boyfriend dumped me tonight after 10 wonderful months…I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I really like these tips and will be employing them in the near future! Thanks again!Dating and Relationship