25 Rituals That Will Make Your Relationship Last Forever

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Your dating relationship is tearing you up. Joy slips away as you struggle in silence. Things are not right. Women who are trusted by, and trust, other women, do not create triangles where they are in competition, clandestine or out, with other women for the same man. Remember the demise of floppy triangles. If you are going to create a relationship with a separated man, insist that his separated spouse know about it, that she is emotionally done with the relationship, and that she would want to know you were the relationship with her ex to actually end. That is especially true if children are involved and you will eventually become a co-Madre. If you have children of your own, that man must know you are a package, not just an available woman. If he is a father, pay attention to how he feels about his children, especially if you have your own.

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Just ended a 2 and half year relationship and I feel good. Well sometimes. Got tired of the lies and the cheating. I really loved this guy, sacrficed so much for him and all I got were lies. I only cry and hurt when I’m alone and feel good when I’m around other people. I cry because it devastates me that I wasted 2 years of my life making excuses for him. I changed as a person and became insecure and bitter.

Honestly mate, I practice what I teach here at The Modern Man and that is why I am confident and have great body language. If you want the success I have with women and the confidence I now naturally exude, you need to learn from our programs. All of the answers and solutions are in there.

Many times when a woman becomes emotionally attached to a guy (and his unwanted behavioral patterns start to creep in), it can be hard to want to teach him how to treat you—usually this is triggered by fear of losing him. So, you continue to live in denial. I get it, when you have been dating a guy who started out all into you—calling and texting, planning dates and making time to see you, it feels great. Then, all of a sudden he falls off the rector-scale. It is natural to make excuses for his crappy behavior and give him the benefit of the doubt over and over again. But, who does that really benefit? I can tell you, Not you.Dating and Relationship

Your little boyfriend has made his flesh his god” and is about to rob you of your purity and relationship with God by taking what doesn’t belong to him. Don’t be that girl that goes along with him. Your relationship will only get worse as you push God to the outside of it. Remember those that choose Christ are abiding in the light. They are choosing God when it’s hard. Remember that our relationships are supposed to push us closer to God—not away from Him.