Yet Married Meet

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We are so excited to introduce the first topical devotional book from Delight Ministries— For The Girl.” This book features 10 stories from college women about dating and relationships in college. Each story comes with three reflection topics and questions, room for journaling and response, scripture that correlates to each topic and inspirational quotes. Any advice, and what should I do about facebook? Your vids and books I purchased have really opened my eyes to whats out there and its helping. Im also in counseling and making myself a stronger and better man, slowly and gradually. Looking forward to things to come. Thanks so much, Dan. Ray U.K.

I have a neighbor like that. He lies about the people on the street, gets them fighting with each other and acts like he’s not involved. Anyone who finds him out becomes the enemy and he spreads gossip about them until they’re shunned by the others on the street who are too dumb to figure it out.

Very good list…someone mentioned that most movies trend to be more atheist friendly and many mock Christianity. Well this is to be expected (as Jesus warned his followers) Anyone who believes in this day and … Read more