Too Much Too Soon In New Relationships

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The relationship is long-term. The people in the relationship are not expected to part ways suddenly or easily, or at least not without some discussion. Some people tell me that I may be just looking for a father-figure but I am not. There are a lot of good reasons why some women like me prefer older men and I am going to enumerate some of them here. well im in a long distance relation ship, for nearly half a year, we never argue, and we have only seen each other three time, and soon, we will be living together, they are hard, but with a little effort, easy to do, if you are destined to be.

I am so thankful we don’t live in the 1950’s anymore. So is my mother, sister, grandmother. My father, brothers and most of my male and female friends feel the same way. Dating is a makeshift spot and should be a safe spot for getting to know somebody. Courting is for an adoring and secure relationship.

As for me, I was, as usual, cautious. I was still emailing other guys who’d responded to my Craigslist personals ad. This wasn’t a case of love-at-first-email. Both … Read more